Set of 3 Brown Floating Shelves

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  • A set of 3 Floating wall shelves in brown color, which will decorate any wall and will also provide a lot of extra storage space. Decorate your home or office in an elegant and a modern way. These are modern Floating Wall Shelves, and their holding assembly is not visible and is hidden on the back. You can choose the length of the shelves and can either buy the standard 2 feet length or the extended version in 4 feet length, the width for both with be 8 inches and the thickness for both will be 3/4 inches. 

    Installation Assembly (the one hidden on the back of the shelves) and the required screws to anchor the shelf to the wall will all be provided and will come along with the shelves.

    Size: 3 X (24inches X 8inches X 3/4inches)


    Material: Laminated and polished MDF


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