Sofa cum bed

Do you wish to have a furniture piece that takes less space and serves multiple functions? We present you sofa cum bed. These are the astonishing furniture accessory that uses as a sofa to sit around the day and beds to lie down or sleep at night.

An amazing feature of sofa cum bed

·       Just imagine that you are coming back home from a tiring day at work and you have to complete your task after arriving home. This luxury piece will grant you relaxation to complete your task while sitting in your living space without disturbing your partner and with full comfort.

·       We recommend you this highly functional sofa for your kids or guests' sleep. You can entertain your guest while not disturbing the entire interior of your house.

We have something for everyone; want a narrow and sleek sofa, choose between Travis or Tarza sofa cum bed. On the other side, the Pensy sofa cum bed has round shape arms that are suitable for broader space. Plus, no matter which design you choose, all come with a strong structure and high-quality foam to give the comfort that you wish for. So, place your order now! We work on your order once you place it and deliver within 10 working days through the courier service all over Pakistan.



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